How can I access FMT?

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We get this question a lot.  It’s one of the main reasons we decided to start this forum!  Because FMT is not really used in mainstream medicine (yet) it is very difficult to find information on how to access it, and the rules are different depending on where you are located and what your condition is.  We hope this forum can help alert individuals with similar conditions in nearby regions to what is available.


In North America, FMT is only approved for c. difficile and that is only after a patient has failed 2 or more rounds of antibiotics.  For other conditions, we suggest asking your doctor if you are eligible for any clinical trials that may be going on in your area.


There are very few clinics where you can pay to receive FMT treatments for any condition.  We often refer people to the Taymount Clinics (located in the UK and Bahamas) but they are not cheap. We keep a running list of FMT clinics on our website but.  If you have been treated at one of them, or have others to suggest, please let us know!


In my own case, I was not able to find a clinic or physician near me to administer FMT to treat my ulcerative colitis so I ended up doing it DIY style with my husband as my stool donor.  While it was not enjoyable, it was the best decision for me.  You’ll hear more about my story in the film, for now we’d love to hear from you guys! Where you are from?  What is your condition?  Have you been able to find access FMT?  How did it work out for you?

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Thanks Saffron - I first heard about FMT when I was researching my own health issues. My kids were nice enough to share several viruses with me in quick order and I found myself struggling with post-infectious IBS which lasted for years. Lucikly I managed to control my IBS through the low fodmap diet. But I did find this list of clinical trials in Ontario for FMT and I thought it might help someone; some are completed, others not yet recruiting but it may be good to bookmark the page if you are looking for a trial for a particular gastro issue. This map shows jurisdictions that may be running trials.