Is saline solution necessary for a DIY FMT?

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My husband did an FMT on our then 2 year old son, and himself using our youngest daughter's very healthy poo. This was done with pure poo, no dilution, so I want to post to see if anyone else has tried this.


Our daughter is only 1 year old. Our pediatrician had recommended we look into FMT for our 2 year old son, because he was displaying signs of autism, and was having permanent diarrhea all his life. Our pediatrician pointed us to recent research on FMT and autism, particularly in the case where a child had used a lot of antibiotics in early life, which our son had. 

My husband was convinced by the research and decided to do it DIY as he didn't think anyone would do it for us in a proper medical setting. He was right on this, as while he didn't tell me he had done the FMT, I was meanwhile researching everywhere in the world to try and get somewhere we could buy FMT treatment. The best I came up with was Slovakia where a clinic said they would do for about 4500 GBP over a two week stay there, but only once he was about 4 years old.

My husband took a plastic 5 ml syringe, the type you use to give yourself liquid ibuprofen, a straight tube shape, put my daughter's poo in it and put it up my son's back passage and pushed the poo out of the syringe. He did this twice. My son retained his sister's poo for 24 hours before pooping it out. My husband repeated this for good measure 2 days later. My son was also taking probiotics every day bought from a local pharmacy.

My son had started a keto diet a week before, and his diarrhea had stopped with this. However his poo was OK but still not great. My husband said immediately after the FMT his poo became 'quality poo' just like that of his sister. E.g. well formed, well digested food.

He told me about doing the FMT on our son about 4-5 weeks after doing it. I was desperate to get him off the keto diet by this point as it was so hard, so I was about to ask my husband to do the FMT DIY as noone would do it. 

When my husband told me what he had done I thought he had done it wrong as there was no saline solution involved. However, we stopped the keto and sure enough his poo has been fantastic ever since!! My husband also did the FMT on himself at the same time as our son. He has suffered from bloody piles for 20 years. These stopped immediately after the FMT and have not come back now 4 months since.

My son has gone from strength to strength in terms of the features which were looking like autism. I'm hoping he would not get an autism diagnosis in the future. He is now talking, looking at faces, smiling and full of energy compared with the lethargic way he used to be.

I was so inspired, I did an FMT on myself also with my daughter's poo. I have had diarrhea regularly, often mixed in with normal poo all at once. I felt like something wasn't right. The first FMT lasted for 10 days i had normal poo then failed and I was back to like before. After a couple of weeks I repeated it as I read research that said FMTs could fail in the first 4 weeks, and best to repeat if this happened. So I repeated it twice and now I have been about 6 weeks with very good stools, only very occasional diarrhea if I eat very badly. It feels different! There is so much research on FMTs with regard to many illnesses, and I have used lots of antibiotics in recent years. So I thought even if I wasn't in pain I might well have trouble in the future. Second time I did the FMT I used probiotics like my son every day for 4 weeks. I retained two of my FMTs for over 36 hours!

I have checked with two pediatricians who are both hospital experienced high level either consultant or lead doctors. Both congratulated us on doing the FMT for our son, and neither saw any problem with how we did the FMT in terms of not using saline solution to dilute the poo. I have heard that the latest research is showing the bacteria can crawl up the colon. So I thought I would post this and see if anyone else has done it this way? I'm sure it is much easier, and you can retain it much longer. Anyone else tried this with success?