Where can I get a Fecal Transplant?

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If anyone has had experience in having a Fecal Transplant please let us know where they had it done, and other details. 

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I had it done at Kadlec Hospital, June 9, 2020. I was a victim of 6 months of C-Diff and multiple rounds of antibiotics that didn't work.

The FMT cured me of the C-Diff, but there were other issues - such as nutritional support - that no one informed me of. I tried working with a nutritionist, and yet was having weight gain and irregular bowel consistency. A little over a week ago I ate out for the first time in ages since the COVID-19 pandemic. I had a hamburger and since that evening I've had diarrhea.

It's been over a week at this point and I'm now concerned that my FMT is ruined and I may need a second one. I am going to the ER at the recommendation of my primary care physician.

How can you protect the FMT and get it to work with your body? How do you prevent weight gain? There are some weird side effects I got like dry skin and rogue facial hairs. I had black hairs on my face for the first time in my life - I'm a natural blond, so I could only attribute the black hairs to the FMT. (BTW - They were promptly plucked).

Nobody really prepares you for the post-FMT experience, and if I get a second one, I will let you know. I'm scared right now that I either have C-Diff again, or e-Coli, or a combination. I'll keep you posted on the outcome of the ER visit. I hope I won't face this experience again, but if so, is there anyone that specializes in getting the new micro-biome to take hold? 

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Sorry to hear you're still experiencing some gut problems and other strange side effects. I personally didn't have any side effects after doing FMT for my colitis, but I did need many treatments over a long period of time in order to see lasting results.  The treatment is so new, many of us are doing trial and error in real time alongside the clinical trials. 


I agree there's not a lot of support for post FMT nutrition. There's a section on diet in the Dr. Briggs protocol - this is a guide for treating IBD that includes using FMT and a follow up diet.  I know it's not exactly what you are struggling with but might be worth a read: https://thepowerofpoop.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/IBD-Briggs-July-21-2015-1-1.pdf  

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Sorry to hear that wwarner. I have heard of FMTs failing some time later, and needing to be repeated. Sounds encouraging though that your's lasted more than one year. I think the general research suggests repeating for failed FMTs and there is a high percentage ratio of success on the second one. My pediatrician described it as a war between the good bacteria and the bad. 

Are you sure the side effects are from the FMT? I have only heard of weight gain in one other case after an FMT. Can you ask about who the stool donor is and if they have a weight problem? Three of my family, including myself did a DIY FMT and none of us had any weight gain or other negative effects. We used our daughter's poo, and she is very healthy and not overweight. 

I repeated my FMT three times to get it to hold, and took probiotics every day for 4 weeks to help it to hold. 

Hope the ER trip goes well!