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Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) is the act of taking stool from a healthy donor and implanting it into the gut of a sick individual. In "Designer Shit", Director Saffron Cassaday, who has suffered from ulcerative colitis for nearly a decade, sets off on a journey to determine if FMT could potentially cure her of her disease. Her investigation leads her down a path she did not expect and enlightens her on the power "poo”.

The Best Part is a film and TV production company with offices in Toronto and Los Angeles. Started in 2009, the company's principal activity is to develop, produce and market commercial films and TV projects. Our eclectic team of financiers, researchers, filmmakers, and field experts are dedicated to producing exceptional content that entertains and informs viewing audiences across all platforms.

Saffron Cassaday is a Canadian documentary filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She is the director of two feature documentary films, Cyber-Seniors and Returning Citizens and has starred in 15 feature films and 2 TV series. “Designer Shit” marks her third film project working alongside the team at The Best Part.

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